Insurance for rehabs- non-occupy

Tim Faucher/Nichol Faucher. 860-690-0471

Agent Recruitment

Hard Money Lenders

Regardless of your background or why you want to do rehabs, you need a solid list of lenders, contractors, attorneys, and Agents BEFORE you find your first property.  Too often, rookies get a property under contract and then start looking...NO!  That's wrong.

​Every time you get a property under contract, the clock starts to tick.  You are spending money before you even get the keys.  It's called, holding costs.  They add up each and every month you're holding a property.  So if you have everyone lined up first, its just making the first call to whomever is on your list and saying "Let's go".  Get educated, this is not for everyone. 

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Private Money Lenders

Dmitriy Dyachuk 413-316-5314

Ed Stock  Insula Capital 631-375-7875.

Dave Schaefer.  East Coast Capital 516-322-0434.

Rehab Financial.    Susan B. Naftulin.   610-645-9939, x4

​Jon Finman. Capital 360. 860-673-2300.